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Well, my goodness gracious it’s dusty in here.

Folks looking for pepper freezing tips have left some fingerprints and notes.  But the layers of neglect had almost convinced me to let this little spot deteriorate in the backyard of a brand new, well-built, bigger spot.  A spot that could house things besides food.  A spot that could house random photos, moments that amuse me, things that interest or inspire me, and maybe also a pizza, salad or roast.

This spot, you see, was starting to feel a little too small.

Too specific.


I was bored of myself, frankly.  And kind of tired of mediocre photos taken under the halogen light in my kitchen.

But a few days ago, a former student stopped by..  She had no idea who I was.  No idea that she had stumbled upon the unkempt ramblings of her former (gasp!) ENGLISH TEACHER!!!!

Nothing like a blast with the past to kick you in the keyboard!


Looking around here, I now think maybe this place can be cleaned up.  A little addition on the back and maybe a bigger, more encompassing front porch might just make a new spot unnecessary.

So…please forgive the mess, and I hope you’ll check back while I work on the renovations!


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Who's there?!

For crying out loud, y’all, where has the time gone?  

Somehow, people continue to stop by the blog here, even though new content has been sorely lacking.  Thank goodness for that freezing peppers post!

In addition to neglecting the blog, I’ve fallen behind on my commitment to One Local Summer.  My first, three-week post will be coming this week.  We really have been enjoying localness!

I’m feeling ambivalent about where YankeeFood is headed.  This spring has been cold and wet, and local produce has responded in kind, taking its sweet time to grow.  In fact, my CSA just put off pick ups for a week to give things a chance to get going!  

The first strawberries are trickling in, though, so maybe I’ll find something that inspires me to stop by more frequently.  At least I’ll get back on track with the OLS posts…hopefully!

Here’s wishing everyone in New England some more seasonable weather!

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Thanks for coming…

I am super grateful for all the folks who continue to stop by here even though I have failed to post regularly!  

Now that spring seems to have finally sprung, I’m feeling a little more inspired to come out from under my winter rock and get back into the groove. 

So thanks for continuing to check in…I’ll be seeing you more soon!

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In the interest of fairness, I feel compelled to link here to Marion Nestle’s reaction to the recent news of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup

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Holy S@#T!

Sure, high-fructose corn syrup is an insidious ingredient that has made its way into tons of processed food products (even ones labeled “all natural” pretty soon!).  But if that wasn’t enough to make you want to ban the stuff from your house, it turns out, there’s mercury in the stuff!

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Brooklyn Bridge

In the town next door, there is a small, independent, locally-owned grocery store.  Generations of students from the high school where I work and the neighboring high school have learned responsibility and the value of the dollar through gainful employment at this grocery store.  The store supports school activities through donations, offers community groups the chance to sell goods in front of their store, and offers discounts for seniors on Tuesdays.

They also jack their prices up in the summer to take advantage of vacationers and island-dwellers who can dock their boats across the street.  Their produce section is only so-so, with local offerings occasionally (especially in summer, with produce from farmers I frequent at their stands) and maybe 12 organic items regularly.

And now, just a few more miles down the road, there’s one of these:


Their prices are so much more competetive.  The variety of all their products is larger.  I could probably live without those things.

But, in every aisle there is an organic section (organic rice, organic beans, organic spices!).  They had Maine shrimp!  Organic potatoes and onions – from New England!!!  Oh my.  My no-Whole Foods-within-a-100-mile-radius shopping experience is showing, I know.

But, I’m conflicted.

I love the prices and the variety of Hannaford, which happens to be a New England company, as well.

There are plenty of jobs for high school kids there, too, right?

I mean, organic EVERYTHING, people.

But the local grocer is an authentic member of the community, right?  He has supported this community for GENERATIONS!  What kind of impact will this chain store have on the fabric of life in our small towns?

Ugh.  My guilt.

As if to make it that much worse, I have to drive by the independent store to get to Hannaford.

It mocks me.

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Whether you stay home, or head over the river and through the woods,


I hope you are able to spend today with family, friends and wholesome food.

And if you are, take time to give thanks for your good fortune.

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